Porta di Toscana
Via XX Settembre, 23
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
Office: +39 0584 797015

Via XX Settembre,23 - 55045 Pietrasanta LU
Office: +39 0584 797015
Mobile: Luca Della Pina +39 347 9093149 
Mobile: Marco Della Pina +39 335 6107806 
Email: info@portaditoscana.com

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NOTICE: Porta di Toscana want to apologize in advance to everyone who will browse on the site looking for information on property to buy or lease for the presence in it of a few references; the reason is due to the requirement of Energy Certification for all properties, for sale or lease, by law No. 90/2013, without which it is not possible to advertise, neither online nor on paper.Porta di Toscana will, therefore, to update its real estate portfolio at the time of production of that claim, pointing out the presence of many opportunities at this time not yet present on the site exclusively for the reasons mentioned above and indicates its willingness for further clarification and guidance.